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Avoid these Casino Bets

There are definitely some wagers you should avoid and even though slot machine will remain popular, they are not the best choice in terms of game odds. The built-in advantage gives them in most cases an edge of up to twenty percent against you.

Caribbean Stud Progressive

One of the most popular table games is Caribbean Stud that they based on traditional stud poker rules and in this instance, a player can wager a side bet of a dollar on playing rounds. The wagers go into pools and payouts only happen when a flush and higher happens during a game. Even though payout varies from one casino to another, it remains progressive and to use an example will a definite payout be for a royal flush. However he house edge in this instance is 26.46 percent and when you look at the odds will a flush only happen once for every 500 plus games. You can go ahead and place this wager, but keep in mind that we warned you that it is a bade wager indeed.

Blackjack Insurance

This is yet another sucker bet to wager and you are nearly 100 percent of the time the loser. Players place insurance when the dealer has an ace just for incase he has a picture or a ten, which gives him a blackjack and you are the loser even when you have 21. It is however very slim that the dealer will get a blackjack and when looking at statistics you will find that insurance are unnecessary for over seventy percent of the time.


This video game is based on lottery drawings and many players think that by playing this game enough they might increase their chances of actually winning the lottery one day. However if you want to kill time rather avoid Keno as the house edge here are a massive 35 percent.