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Easiest Games to Play Online

There are indeed some games that are easier to play and giving you a better chance of winning and this might be just what you are looking for in getting your feet wet when you are new to online casino games.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker resembles Blackjack played with Poker cards and in this game; you are playing against the dealer, as you would have in Blackjack. Each player as well as the dealer receives seven cards that are arranged in a two-card hand and a five-card hand. It is simple and you are a winner when both hands are better than the dealer is and losing when both are worse than the dealer’s is. Even games are when you have one hand that is better than the dealer’s. The rules of Pai Gow are more complicated when compared to blackjack even though the goal is simpler and that being said is it easier to play Pai Gow than playing Poker with experienced gamblers.

Older Slots

Older slot machines with low jackpots and less prices are also easy as you can only place a bet and spin the wheels while the game plays. It is simple to play and understand even though the odds are low and payouts less it is a good way to start online.


Playing Baccarat is like a slot machine with cards and no reels spinning. Here the dealer enforces rules and in charge of game mechanics and you are simply required to decide if your cards beat that of the dealers, if they work out evenly or if his cards beat yours. It is also a random chance just as with slot machines and counting cards could be in your favor as long as you do not try it in a traditional casino.