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How to Decide On a Slot Machine

Most people play slots at some point of their gambling journey and even most blackjack or other able players love to unwind at a slot machine before hitting the tables and playing for higher sakes. Then you get gamblers who do not touch tables and cards or even roulette and fix themselves to a machine. However, each time you log on you will find another enticing slot machine and deciding which to play is often the biggest problem. The first step is playing at an online casino that has a wide selection of games, as you would expect when walking into a traditional casino with row upon row of machines.

Payout Rate

The first thing you look at is the payout rate and this is something you will find on any slot game. To use an example a game ith a 70% payout rate pays $70 for every $100 wagered. Thus can you see that payout rate makes a huge difference in the machine you choose and your other priority is making your bankroll last. The downside is that some online casinos as well as traditional casinos as well do not always give you that information.

Cost per Spin

This is a serious consideration and playing within your budget is of optimum importance, if you only have $50, it is wise to play at a minimum $2 machine instead of choosing a machine of $10 per spin, which gives you five spins before you are out if you, did not win a hand.

Payline Number

Pay lines affect cost per spin and the more pay lines you have the better your chances of winning.

Jackpot Size

You have to look at jackpot size just in case you are the winner of that elusive jackpot which is something all gambler love.