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Tips and Tricks in Playing Roulette Online

Nobody is going to argue that roulette is probably the most played and popular casino game worldwide. Both experts and beginners are attracted to this game that carefully balances skill and luck. Unlike slot machines is playing roulette a game that requires careful consideration and strategy too although may gamblers take their chance and simple lay down money without hassling about complex rule sets. There are sure ways that you can use in improving odds when adhering to some of the basic rules and improving winning chance though.

Finding the Right Wheel

You get two versions of roulette one of which is European and the other American. European wheels are the better of the two as a European has one green space, whereas American wheels have two green spaces. When comparing one and two green spaces it is a fact that one green space takes the edges down in favor of players to 2.7 percent. The American wheels have no advantage even though they might try to tell you there are some. If you want to lower the edge by a further 1.35 percent then you should look for a wheel that offers “En Prison” rule as well. This feature allows you to have a repeat bet when ball falls on a 0. It works the same when you find French wheel offering “La Partage” rules.

Placing Bets

Your fortune is in the hands of fate once a ball is dropped by the croupier and regardless of what anyone might tell you, you cannot influence the ball’s track and here it is up to chance. The only way to increase your odds and lowering house’s edge is sticking to outside bets. It might not pay as well as inside bets, however it provides you with more consistency even though you can decide to place all your chips on a specific number occasionally and take a wild chance at giant payoffs.