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Gambling and Casino Books To Read

One of the best ways to learn gambling tricks and more about wagers and learning to win more is reading and learning from the experts. Here are some of the top gambling books by winners.

Edward Thorp – Beat the Dealer

It is excellent reading material for blackjack players and one of the best books if you are looking for ways to earn card counting. Even though you do find books specifically on card counting, this one remains best.

Peter Griffin – Theory of Blackjack

If you want a deeper understanding of blackjack it is a must-read and written in easy to understand text. It is the type of book you will find in the hands of all serious blackjack players.

Ben Mezrich – Bringing Down the House

You will love to know that the blockbuster movie 21 was based on this book and the story of MIT blackjack team who made a living counting cards.

Richard Munchkin – Gambling Wizards

It is a must read and one of the most informative books on the world’s most successful gamblers.

David Sklansky – The Theory of Poker

This book is one of the most important poker books available even though many has been written and it is necessary read for anyone new to poker. Unlike other books that a beginner cannot understand, David Sklansky goes out of his way to make new poker players understand the game.

Mike Caro – Caro’s Book of Poker Tells

It is one of the older poker books that has been around for many years and still is it one of the books on poker that most poker players suggest you read.

Jean Scott – The Frugal Gambler

It might not be a new book either but if you want to learn how you could save money while still enjoying your gambling on a regular basis this is something you would love reading.