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Online Blackjack Tips

Even though online blackjack is very similar than when playing at a brick-and-mortar casino, you need to use a different strategy for winning. It is the dynamics that are different and no players that are making suggestions and communication is obviously non-existent between payers and dealers. If you think this is a downside it is quite the opposite, as you simply need to know the winning tricks and playing online will increase your wins.

Regardless of what or where you gamble it is important that you decide on an amount you are prepared to lose. The reason for this is so that you avoid minimum bet amount that is close to your bankroll. You want to play around twenty hands in order to have a better chance at winning.

Just as in traditional gaming is it very possible to be caught up in the moment and excitement just as obvious, thus do not take a card when you know you should stand. Always stand when you have 12 and higher and the dealer has less than seven or when you have 17 and higher.

Splitting works the same with aces and 8’ split, and it is also good to split nine’s when the dealer also have 9’s. However, when the dealer has a six and lower you can split your 6’s and 7’s as well. Regardless of whether you are hitting, doubling down or splitting, you must assume that the face own card the dealer has is a 10 value.

Doubling down and hitting rules are quite complex and you have to hit when having eight and less. When the dealer has an ace, seven, eight, 9, or 10 and you have from twelve to sixteen you also have to hit. When the dealer has two, seven, eight, or nine and your hand is nine, you also hit or when your hand is 10 or 11. Anytime the dealer has less than 10 you can double down when having 10 or 11.